Tour of the Future – Balticon 07 Live

Here is one of the lost episodes from 2007.  This episode was recorded live at Balticon during our Tour of the Future.

Newscaster 01 – Paul Fischer
Balticon Podcast

Newscaster 02 – Micheal R. Menenga
Far Point Media

the Mobster, the One Man Mob – Tee Morris
Billibub Baddings

The Master of Zombies – John Cmar

Ace Action Games Sponsor – Evo Terra
Fun Anymore

Dark Mask Jr – Steve Eley
Escape Pod

Crimson Moth – Christiana Ellis
Nina Kimberly the Merciless

Coal, the Man of Combustion – Rick Stringer
Variant Frequencies

Cassandra, Knight of Avalon – Mur Lafferty
Playing for Keeps

Dr. Peter Richards and Sound Effects – J.C. Hutchins
7th Son Podcast Trilogy

Narrator, Mister Adventure, Kid Adventure, Solomon Stone – Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit
Outcast Multimedia

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