Tour of Darkness – BaltiCon 08 Live!

Here is the next installment of the Mask of Darkness Tour!  This episode was recorded live at BaltiCon.
It starred:
Jett as Sybil Masterson
MAinPA as Prisoner 5, Guard 6 and The Reporter
SusanZ as Young Lady (white light guardian) and Elenoir Adams
Indiana Jim as Warrior 69, Captain wright and The Legion Commander
Christiana Ellis appeared as Guard 5 and The Crimson Moth
Biscuit as Coal, the Man of Combustion
Paul Fischer as The Atomik Fist, Warrior 32, and Prisoner 6
Jason Adams as Prisoner 2, Guard 2, Warrior 51, and the Tech Alien Voice
Earl Newton as Guard 4, Dr Zhou, Prisoner 4, and Guard 1
Heather Welliver as Jezebel, Vickie stone, and Guard 3
Tee Morris as Mobster, the One-Man-Mob
John Cmar as Michael Aztek the Doc Tech Toy Announcer
Thomas “Cmdln” Gideon as Guard 7 and Doc Tech
Andrea Gideon as Platinum Fox and prisoner 3
Rob Balder as The Shadow Smasher
Billy Flynn as Vic Nile
Jared Axelrod as Dr Peter Richards
JR Blackwell as Cassandra, Knight of Avalon
Jim Van Verth as The Masked Gunfighter
JC Hutchins provided our Sound FX
Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit – Mister Adventure, Kid Adventure, Dark Mask, Narrator, Solomon Stone
and introducing
Matt Wallace as the Coliseum Announcer

Tour of Darkness – RavenCon 08 Live!

Christiana Ellis as Crimson Moth
Thomas “Cmdln” Gideon as Donovan
Carissa Simmons as Kate French
Paul Fischer as Minion 1138
John Cmar as Michael Aztek
Mur Lafferty as Jezebel
Jon “the Vicar” Stallard as Dr. Zhou and Vic Nile
Stuart Jaffe appeared as Shadow Smasher
The Bruce as Minion 21
Biscuit as Der Schwarzegeist
Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit as Narrator, Mister Adventure,
Solomon Stone, and Kid Adventure
and Joe Komenda as himself