Cast List

Dave Anderson – Der Schwarsze Geist

Jared AxelrodDoc Tech, Sponsor, Dr. Peter Richards

JR BlackwellTeenage Girl, Random Female number 1, High Priestess and Mortis of Blackest Night

ChoochJack in the Box

John CmarAbominable Snowman, The Master of Zombies

Stephen Euin CobbSponsor

Steve EleyDark Mask Jr

Christiana Ellis – The Crimson Moth (Reoccuring)

Amy Ferrell – Victoria “Vickie” Stone, News Reporter

Glenda Finkelstein – Sexy Nurse

Paul FischerRandom Male Voice Number 1 and Number 2, Crowd 2 and 5, Sgt Broderick, Newscaster 01

Billy FlynnCrowd 1, 3 and 4, and the Police, Loki, Newscaster, Scott

FlynnstressAthena, Lane Lovelace

Ron Garner – Nazi Super Soldier

Andrea Gideon – Martha Rollins

Thomas “Command Line” GideonG. J. Rollins

Brian Halloway – Master of Zombies, Jeffrey Breslauer

Martha HollowayEir Blitzkreig

PG HolyfieldKharon, the Rainbow Room Sponsor

J.C. HutchinsMr Sullivan, Little Boy, Dr. Peter Richards, Sound Effects

Stuart JaffeSponsor

Cheralyn LambethCrimson Moth, Citizen 1

Jay “Kingfish” LynnMaster of Zombies, Sponsor

Samantha KyleCassandra, Knight of Avalon

Mur LaffertyVictoria “Vickie” Stone, the Angel of Death, Cassandra, Knight of Avalon

Chason LapointeChanters 05 and 06

Sarah LoskowskiMrs. Clause, Little Girl, Eleanor Adams

Ma in PAMrs. Clause, Paperboy

Page Marshall – Little Girl

Stephanie McClung – Sexy Nurse

James MaxeyCitizen #2, Sponsors

Patrick McLeanSteve Abercomb

Micheal R. MenengaNewscaster 02

Tee MorrisCaptain of Dark Mask’s Guard, Evil Teddy Bear, the Mobster (the One Man Mob)

Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit – Narrator, Mister Adventure, Kid Adventure, Solomon Stone, Dark Mask, Doctor Phantom, Santa, Frost Miser, Chanters 01 and 03, Belair the Tormentor, Andrew Rooney, the Unknown Voice, Coal, Minion, Citizen 4, Male Patron ?? (The Nameless One)

Carissa SimmonsSally the Wet-Me-Doll

Jon “The Vicar” StallardNewscaster, Newscaster, News Announcer, Vic Nile, Dr. Zhou,

Tami StallardJezabel, Citizen 3

Michael A StackpoleMicheal Aztek

Rick StringerCoal, the Man of Combustion

Evo TerraSponsor

Jay TysonChanters 02, 04, 07, Hain of Forever Hour

SusanZElenore Adams, Female Patron

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