“I think a well-balanced diet for children consists of milk, cereal, lots of veggies, and MISTER ADVENTURE!”
-Steve Eley – Podcaster (Escape Pod)

“These are awesome! Radio drama, and saturday serial theater. ”
-Micheal R Mennenga -Podcaster (Dragon Page and Wingin’ It), Producer (Far Point Media)

“well I think Mister Adventure is totally frickin’ Airwolf”
-Jason Adams, Podcaster (Random Signal)

“What I like about Mr. Adventure is the real old time radio feel. It brings me back to the days when I used to listen to old radio serials with my dad. One of the NYC radio stations played them on Sunday evening, and we always listened when we drove back from visiting my grandpa in Brooklyn.”
-Paul Fischer – Podcaster (Balticon Podcast and the ADDcast)

“Mister Adventure pays homage to the radio adventures of yore while putting a fresh, fun spin on the genre. Well-written, pitch-perfect performances — this show is a blast.”
-J.C. Hutchins – Podiobook author of the 7th Son trilogy

“I’ve only ever wanted to be rescued by two men. Spider-Man and Mr. Adventure.”
-Mur Lafferty – podcaster (Geek Fu Action Grip, Psuedopod), writer (Tricks of the Podcasting Masters)

“Sigfrit. Beauchamp. Schwarzegeist. Hard to say. Easy to enjoy.” 
– Nathan Butler – Podiobook author (Echoes), online show (ChronoRadio)

“Mister Adventure is pulp-era radio and them some, combining classic iconic characters with modern-day wit The result is truly timeless.”
– Jared Axelrod – Podcaster (The Voice Of Free Planet X)