Halloween 2009

This is a particularly scary episode so parents may want to listen before the little Adventure Seekers.

Our Halloween Episode stars SusanZ as Female Patron
Christiana Ellis as the Crimson Moth
Billy Flynn as Loki, Newscaster and Scott
the Flynnstress as Athena and Lane Lovelace
PG Holyfield as Kharon and the Rainbow Room Sponsor
and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit as the Narrator, Mister Adventure, Doctor Phantom, Solomon Stone, the Male Patron and ??? (The Nameless One).

Have a safe and Adventurous Halloween!!!

One thought on “Halloween 2009

  1. This is the kind of imaginative tale that I wish I had been able to listen to as a child. I was a great fan of the comic books and their wonderful heroes. Unfortunately, i was born late for the great radio science fiction, fantasy, and adventure programs and early for their revival and the new audio’s popularity. Nowadays, I try to catch up as best I can. Thanks for the pleasant break from reality.

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