Tour of the Future – RavenCon 07 Live!

April 26, 1943

Our first stop in our Tour of the Future, 2007, is at RavenCon in Richmond, VA. Our wonderful cast was comprised of:

Sponsor – Stuart Jaffe (The Eclectic Review)
Master of Zombies – The Kingfish (Geeklabel)
Newscaster – The Vicar (Geeklabel)
Crowd 1, 3 and 4, and the Police – billy flynn (Geeklabel)
Cassandra, Knight of Avalon – Samantha Kyle (Random Assembly and the Cinemafreaks)
Crowd 2 and 5 – Paul Fischer (The Balticon Podcast and Man vs. Child)
Eir Blitzkreig – martha holloway (the ADD Cast)
Mister Adventure, Kid Adventure, Solomon Stone, and Narrator – Rich Sigfrit (Outcast Multimedia)

Recording and equipment provided by Dancing Cat Studios
Sound Effects and Foley provided by our talented cast.

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