2007 Halloween Episode

The Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show written and created by Davey Beauchamp,
Directed by Rich Sigfrit

JR Blackwell as the High Priestess and Mortis of Blackest Night
Jay Tyson as Chanters 02, 04, 07 and Hain of Forever Hour
Christiana Ellis as the Crimson Moth
Chason Lapointe as Chanters 05 and 06
Our Sponsor was portrayed by Jared Axelrod
Paul Fischer as Sgt Broderick
the Narrator, Mister Adventure, Chanters 01 and 03, Belair the Tormentor, Andrew Rooney, Solomon Stone, the Unknown Voice, Doctor Phantom, and himself, played by Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit
And the Mur Lafferty as the Angel of Death

Special Thanks to Tee Morris, as well as Paul Fischer and Martha Halloway, whose help was invaluable.
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