Tour of Darkness – StellarCon 08 Live!

I would like to apologize for the lack of sound effects in this episode. There were many technical problems when we recorded, with special thanks to the hard work of Jon “The Vicar” Stallard and Billy Flynn of Geek Radio Daily. Incidently, I’m not quite sure why this episode is so monkey heavy.

James Maxey as Citizen #2 and our Sponsors
Tami Stallard as Jezabel and Citizen 3
Jon “the Vicar” Stallard as News Announcer, Vic Nile, and Dr. Zhou
Cheralyn Lambeth as Crimson Moth and Citizen 1
Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit as the Narrator, Mister Adventure, Solomon Stone, Minion, and Citizen 4
and presenting Michael A Stackpole as Micheal Aztek

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